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Cozumel yacht Charters and Luxury Boat Rentals

Luxury Yacht Charter Cozumel and Luxury Boat Rentals in Cozumel Mexico.

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We strive to provide the highest quality yacht tours and services so that we have repeat customers. .

When you choose Yachts Riviera Maya for your boat charters experience, you receive more than just a vessel. We will supply you with a range of chartering solutions hardly ever seen elsewhere. We could help you in identifying the perfect vessel for your specific needs, including Sport Yachts, Luxury engine Yachts, Mega Yachts, Fishing Boats, Party Yachts, Speed Boats, as well as Catamarans and Sailboats. While specializing in private Cozumel yacht charter holidays as well as corporate charters, we have developed one of the most extensive options of vessels in Mexico.

Begin planning your then unforgettable Riviera Maya yacht charter getaway. Send an online charter request for yachts in Cozumel Riviera Maya charter reservations and pricing info,
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Private Luxury Yacht Charters Riviera Maya



Brief History about Cozumel •

Cozumel is an island in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, opposite Cozumel, and close to the Yucatán Channel. The economy of Cozumel is based on tourism. There are a number of visitors to the island's balnearios, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The main town on the island is San Miguel de Cozumel. The islands belong to Cozumel Municipality of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.
The island is located in the Caribbean Sea along the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula about 82 km south of Cancún and 19 km from the mainland. The island is about 48 km long and 16 km wide. With a total area of 477.961 km2 (184.542 sq mi), it is Mexico's largest Caribbean island, largest permanently inhabited island, and Mexico's third-largest island, following Tiburón Island and Isla Ángel de la Guarda.
The island is covered with mangrove forest which has many endemic animal species. Cozumel is a flat island based on limestone, resulting in karst topography. The highest natural point on the island is less than 15 m above sea level. The cenotes are deep water filled sinkholes formed by water percolating through the soft limestone soil during thousands of years. Cozumel's cenotes are restricted to qualified cave divers with appropriate credentials.


Private Charters Cozumel •

Getting a private boat charter in Cozumel has never been this easy!  Our Cozumel PrivateYacht charter at dayyachtcharters is the pinnacle of excellence on the water in Cozumel and a great way for you and your friends and family to enjoy a private day on Cozumel’s crystal clear waters.


Experience luxury and comfort on Cozumel's crystal clear waters with your very own private yacht charter •

Our Luxury Yacht is an exclusive adventure that offers an unparalleled level of service and quality.
This private charter can comfortably accommodate up to 20 passengers.
Your trip begins from our pier which is located near your cruise ship port. From here you will board and begin your incredible Journey.
Your private charter includes snorkeling equipment, open bar, snorkeling guide and snacks.

If there is anything special or additional you would like to have included please inform us and we will do our best to provide it.
This is a private trip and we will do our best to accommodate any requests you may have.
Your Cozumel private boat charters will include cruising along Cozumel’s beautiful coastline as well as snorkeling at Dzul-Ha or Paradise reefs.

This tour will allow you to come face to face with an amazing variety of sea life. Our guides can even drop the fishing lines if you would like a chance at hooking a big one.

Your Cozumel private charter provides an air-conditioned cabin and is fully equipped. Our captain, deck hand and dive master are at your service to ensure your complete satisfaction.
This is cruising at its finest. Our 55’ Yacht is ideal for groups of families who appreciate the finer things in life.
For those wanting to use this charter for Deep Sea Fishing you can count on Cozumel’s finest fishing adventure from dayyachtcharters.

Your professional fishing guides will have up to 5 lines in the water at all times plus the Penn downrigger.
All our reels are top of the line Penn with a combination of 30-50lb test lines. Bally Hoo and other assorted bait are used with combination of lures.
Your tour aboard our Cozumel Private Luxury Yacht is sure to be a memory of a lifetime.
Be sure to reserve weeks in advance as we only offer two trips daily and most dates will be booked in advance.
Join us on the Cozumel Palancar Snorkeling Tour for the very best snorkeling Cozumel has to offer at the world famous Palancar and Columbia Reefs.
If you want to see the very best reefs while in Cozumel then dayyachtcharters is the place to be! For great value and quality, Sign up with us today!

Our Cozumel Palancar Snorkeling Tour takes you to two of the most incredible coral formations in the world, Palancar Reef and Columbia Reef. Snorkeling in Cozumel does not get any better than this. This is a must do for all snorkeling enthusiasts!
Your tour begins from our dock located within close proximity to your cruise ship pier. This location is safe and simple to get to and provides a great dock to load up from. This dock is also with close proximity to town for shopping and sightseeing after your tour.


Services we offer •



  1. Bachelor Parties
  2. Birthday Parties
  3. Bachelorette Parties
  4. Anniversaries
  5. Corporate Dinners
  6. Family Charters
  7. Romantic Cruises
  8. Weddings
  9. Fishing
  10. Whale Watching


Private VIP Yacht tours Riviera Maya

Luxury Yachts Cozumel, Riviera Maya Yacht Charters, Cozumel Luxury Yacht Charter, Yacht charters Cozumel, Hire a boat in Cozumel Mexico,

Places to visit on a yacht in Cozumel •

There are so many fun things to do on Cozumel Island; you simply won't be able to get to them all in a week -- let alone a day. But if you use the information you'll find on this website wisely and plan ahead, you really can make the most of your day on the island. You'll avoid the crowded and commercialized cruise-line-arranged tours. You'll bypass the teeming, sidewalk shuffle past the "approved" stores and restaurant's on your ship's list. You'll beat the crowds, find the beautiful and interesting spots and experience Cozumel, Mexico-- on your own terms.

Whether you decide to explore totally on your own or book one of the small, intimate tours we've personally checked out and highly recommend, we can pretty well promise you that you'll have a grand time. We can't emphasize enough what a friendly, safe vacation destination this is. That makes it a perfect place to be independent-minded and plan an individualized experience that just right for you and your group.

Although many folks prefer the convenience of paying for a small, personalized tour of one sort or the other, we're here to tell you that if you do desire to get out and explore on your own, Cozumel is a perfect place to try it. Mail order a Cozumel map from the Cancun Map Company ahead of time, then rent a car for the day and hit the road. This is a small, very flat island with paved, fairly well-maintained roads and light traffic. If you don't feel like driving, however, you can still go it solo. Taxis are everywhere. They provide reliable, economical transportation. Provided you plan an itinerary that focuses on the mid-south snorkeling beaches and Chankannab Park with, perhaps, an afternoon trip to town thrown in for shopping, people-watching and lunch.

Figure around $16 RT taxi fare from the cruiseship pier to the national park or other good snorkeling beachs and $14 RT for a trip into town and back from the International or Puerta Maya piers. If your ship docks at Punta Langosta, you’re already right downtown. Below are some suggested itineraries for exploring Cozumel on your own. We've divided these up into two sIf your ship arrives early enough to beat the crowds, whip out to the taxi stand and head for this beautiful park. Admission is $10/person but we think it's worth it--a lovely way to spend the day.

There's a protected lagoon that's perfect for young children. The snorkeling is usually not as good here as at some nearby spots. But it's still worth it for the view, the ambience and the nice facilities.       
Get to Chankannab National Park as early as possible. There are plenty of shaded lounge shares on the long beach but this is a popular attraction and all the good spots will be taken; particularly in high season                                                                                                                     
Free Snorkeling Beaches

If you're looking for the best shore snorkeling the island has to offer, we'd suggest you give Chankannab a miss this trip and head for one of two cute, close-in beach clubs we like. Both Dzul Ha (Zool Ha) and Corona beach club perch on a section of rocky iron shore that provides some of the best shore snorkeling on the island. And both can be reached via taxi for less than the cost of renting a car for the day.        



Cozumel Yacht Wedding Packages

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All of our expert wedding planners will go over all information with you ahead of time so both you and your friends and family can simply relax and enjoy the finer details of the memorable time while on the water. Our friendly and seasoned boat wedding planners will help you in matching every detail for the event. Ask about all of our beach island wedding ceremonies.

Photography and Videography

Luxury Yachts Cozumel, Riviera Maya Yacht Charters, Cozumel Luxury Yacht Charter, Yacht charters Cozumel, Hire a boat in Cozumel Mexico, snorkeling, swimming, bikini, mexico
While you're relaxing and socializing, it might seem like a hassle to try to snap pictures at the same time. That's why we can provide you with some of the best artists who are ready and willing to capture your amazing day on a luxury yacht.


Complete two of the best activities the Island of Cozumel has to offer! Do some snorkeling on your fishing trip. There is nothing better than visiting the island of Cozumel’s wonderful reefs and then fishing on the same trip. WE WOULD DO THAT FOR YOU at dayyachtcharters!

We will take you snorkeling to the most beautiful reefs in Cozumel. Our snorkeling guide will brief you on the wonders of the site you visit.

All your equipment for snorkeling and fishing, as well as sodas, purified bottled water and beer are included! Lunch is included on full-day trips.

It is a convenient trip from the Riviera Maya. Just a short 35-minute ferry ride from Cozumel gets you to the Island of Cozumel and we are just 1-minute from the ferry terminal in Cozumel.

Our tours Depart at 10am and 1pm daily. Our Cozumel Palancar Reef snorkeling tour is 3-4 hours in length and includes two snorkeling stops of approximately 45mins each. Our tour also stops at the incredible Al Cielo sandbar, one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the Caribbean.

Each snorkeling stop is guided by our professional and certified dive masters who will show you all of the amazing underwater formations and sea life. If you are new to snorkeling our guides will assist you every step of the way.
Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Snorkeling vests are included in your tour, as well as your Marine Park Fees. Sodas and water are also included.



Luxury Yachts

We work directly with the and owners in the Riviera Maya to assist you find the perfect vessel. We could also work directly with yacht owners to help choose the right Riviera Maya vessel. Whether you prefer the luxury style motor or perhaps sail vessel we could assist you with all of your requirements.