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St. Maarten Yacht Charters and Boat Rentals

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Are you planning to visit and enjoy the fantastic creations around Saint Barths and Marteen? You should worry less as we give you a chance to do a thorough excursion. We ensure that you have a lifetime experience. We have a variety of charters in which you can choose from. They include; St Barths Yacht Charters, St Barthelemy Boat Rentals, St Barths Yachts, Saint Martin Luxury Carters, St Martin, Day Yacht Rentals and Anguilla Yacht Charter. From the wide range to choose from, we ensure that you get the best services from our yachts and boats.

Saint Barts Day Yacht Charters
Depending on your requirements, we offer a wide range of luxury charters. Making your heart desires get fulfilled is our main priority. We have all kinds of sea vessels to suit each and every occasion. These vessels range from the luxury boats and yachts, catamarans to sailing boats. All these are geared towards ensuring that your occasion becomes a success and memorable.

St Barths Yacht Charters, St Barthelemy Boat Rentals



St. Maarten And St. Martin – One Island, Two Countries.

Saint Maarten is the other portion of this island and is a part of the Netherland Antilles. Here they speak Dutch and use the Netherland Antilles Guilder as their currency which is sometimes referred to as the Florin. This islands history dates back to 550BC. Amerindian's tools, as well as artefacts, have been discovered at the Dutch archaeological dig. Although the Columbus arrived here in 1493 and
demanded the island for Spain due to the aggressive as well as cannibalistic Caribs, the Spanish did not develop this island. During the early 1600s the Dutch raised their flag, and then the French followed. A story has it that a Frenchman and a Dutchman settled the argument over territorial privileges by pacing off each of their shares. France got the more significant portion, although the Dutch got the portion with more precious real estate – the marina as well as the Salt Pond. These two states share an open border as well as other services though there is a border between them and you can notice the borderline as you cross it. Besides their histories are inevitably related.


Is St. Martin & St. Maarten the same place? .

Same island but is half Dutch and half French

St. Martin is the French part of this island. The language here is French, and the Euro is the currency they use. It was previously part of Guadaloupe province, although they parted from them some time ago. To differentiate their part of the island, the French called it St. Martin. Marigot is the capital of the island, and it is as well the largest town. It is lovely and very French. Cafes, as well as Bistros,
are on the streets in the walkway along the marina. Stylish French boutiques with designer dresses are quite expensive than the ones in St. Maarten. Marigot is also less hectic compared to Phillipsburg, and it is a magnificent place to take a walk and check out the art galleries.

St. Barts, St. Barths, St. Barthelemy or St. Barth Yacht Charters in the Caribbean Island .

Also known as St. Barths, St. Barth or St. Barthlemy is a lure for the International jet set which edges its high-class beach clubs throughout the year. However, if you wish to dodge the crowd and relax on a lavish liner charter, St. Barthlemy is the place you need to go. Its classy mix of lavish tourism and dynamic social life will not disappoint. St. Barths is Anguilla`s bordering island. It is a
volcanic island, and it is part of the French West Indies. It is popularly called St. Barts.

It is a classy celebrity preferred Caribbean destination. It is usually one of the more costly islands in this area, and they use Euros as their currency. St. Barths is famous for expensive shopping and its European atmosphere, more than a Caribbean one. It has a remarkable and thrilling geography which extends past the warm Caribbean waters.

This island was formed many years ago from a volcano eruption and consists of incredibly steep and spectacular hills. It is home to among the best Caribbean beach clubs, for their splendour and reputation among the wealthy and prominent people.

St. Barths has a rolling landscape with attractive villages as well as broad valleys. It is environed by sparkling water that has blue-green lagoons, and coral reefs which make St. Barts a preferred retreat for lavish yachts among the rich people, together with other features mentioned above. This island is well-known for its natural beauty and also because it rewards with tasty cuisine stylish boutiques
all covered in a comforting glamorous feel. Even though the Caribbean island is small, its lavish French ambience, as well as culture, makes numerous larger islands small next to her in term of sailing destinations.


St. Maarten - St Barts

On your stay on this island, you will enjoy the most straightforward transportation service by the sea. An agent will be responsible for your comfort as you alight your plane, he will walk you through immigration. He will as well assist you to carry your bags and drive you to the harbour where you will take your boat. You will enjoy choosing to use the private boat charters whether because you love the sea, are afraid of landing on the small St. Barts` runway or only because you are landing too late or early to use a different service.

Anguilla – St. Barts

We as well guarantee transfer from Anguilla to St. Barts to and fro. On the opposite side of St. Martin, with lots of bars and nightclubs, Anguilla is a serene and peaceful region with several white sand beaches. It is the ideal destination to the lounge as well as energise. MasterSki Pilou gives you the chance to discover every Caribbean pearl.


Romantic Getaway .

For people who are looking for a boat for a romantic getaway or a large yacht which will host the whole family during your vacation on the Caribbean island, there are yachts charters which have are ideal for you and will make your entire experience amazing.

What can we do on a day trip .

Saint Bats is seen as a French Riviera of the minor Antilles. It was discovered in the 60s by David Rockefeller who is an American billionaire, St. Barths is famous for its magnificent bays, green hills, clear water as well as golden beaches. This paradisiac nature makes St. Barths, a real Gem in the Caribbean island always needed by tourist from across the globe. The inmost heart of St. Barths is its
small capital, Gustavia – a former fishing village which is currently a vibrant town consisting of the low house featured with red roofs, cafes, boutiques and restaurants along the streets.

The port extended in a rabbit`s foot natural bay shielded from the winds received by numerous sailing boats and lavish mega yachts. L`ile is a constant surprise, a constant turbulent down the roads that link the hinterland with the coastal regions with lots of beaches, inlets and coves.

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Charter a Yacht in the Saint Barth's for any event.


  1. Birthday Parties
  2. Bachelor Partie
  3. Bachelorette Parties
  4. Anniversaries
  5. Corporate retreats
  6. Family Charters
  7. Passionate Cruises
  8. Weddings
  9. Marriages proposals
  10. Whale Watching


Private VIP Yacht Rentals St. Barth

Have you been thinking about taking that well-deserved dream vacation with your family in spectacular surroundings? Well, there is nothing better than a vacation in St. Barts Island, where we will make sure that you get to enjoy all that your heart desires. All Saint Barts Rental needs from you is a detailed description of what you need, and you can rest assured that we will do everything to make your yachting charter as enjoyable as it can be.

St. Barts Island is full of enjoyable delights all of which you will get to savor on your charter. Starting out in the north we have the Marine Park where you can sample protected corals, whales, shells, and turtles. At the center of the island is the iconic blue-green lagoon named Grand Cul-de-sac, which provides some great photo shoot backgrounds. Moving to the south of the Island between Toiny Coves and Grand Fond, the landscape becomes more savage with rocky lunar-like surfaces and coasts battered by sea currents. If you need to get off the Island, the best place to head for is the largest island in these parts, the nell’Anse de Flamands. The Nature Reserve on the island encompasses a significant portion of the beaches and is a spectacular spot for some quiet and solitude, as it is only accessible by boat from the South West of St. Barts overlooking Colombier.

St Barths Yacht Charters, St Barthelemy Boat Rentals, St Barts Yachts, Saint Martin Luxury Carters, St Martin, Anguill Yacht Charter, Day Yacht Rentals,

Our staff will make certain that all your needs are taken care of according to all your instructions. We have some of the most sensitive and discreet staff who know to leave you to your privacy whenever you need it.

Unlike any other luxury yachts you may have been on, our yachts are designed for ensuring that you get to enjoy the beauty of St. Barts, even as all the luxury remains readily available. Our service is made to allow you the freedom to customize the yacht to be a perfect fit for your needs. If you feel that you need more time to enjoy the yacht charter, we always allow you to extend the trip beyond the standard length as set out in the brochure.Â

*Premium bar* For an extra charge and depending on which yacht charter vessel you decide to holiday on, you can get access to premium drinks such as the Matusalem Gran Reserva 18 years Rum, Blanco, Grey goose, Black label Whiskey, Anejo Don Julio Tequila, and Don Julio Silver Tequila. .


Wedding Packages on St. Maarten and St, Barth.
We have expert wedding planners who will make all arrangements to ensure that your friends and family get all that they need while they are on the islands. You can rest assured that our professional planners will take care of all your needs, taking all the stress off of you before and during your big day.Â

St Barths Yacht Charters, St Barthelemy Boat Rentals, St Barts Yachts, Saint Martin Luxury Carters, St Martin, Anguill Yacht Charter, Day Yacht Rentals, wedding
Videography and Photography Services on Saint Martin, St. Barts

St Barths Yacht Charters, St Barthelemy Boat Rentals, St Barts Yachts, Saint Martin Luxury Carters, St Martin, Anguill Yacht Charter, Day Yacht Rentals,
You don’t want to be relaxing and socialize and then have to take your own pictures. At Saint Martin, we have the very best photographers and videographers to snap and record your best moments on the luxury yacht, which you can then save for posterity.Â

Event Planning with Saint Barts Yacht Charters

We not only make a photographer available for your yachting trip, but we also do provide event planning services by professionals. All you have to do is request personalized services including everything you need and how you want it done. By the time you land on St. Barts, we will have everything set up for your yachting adventure.


Private Luxury Yacht Charters St. Barths



Saint Barts Luxury Yachts Rentals


St. Barths Info

The white sandy beaches of St Barth’s (also known as St Barthelemy) has been a popular tourist destination for the rich and famous for
several years. St. Barths is an overseas territory of France hence the reason why it is referred to as the French Caribbean. With an estimated population of 8000 people, this small island is world renowned for its shopping hotspots, trendy bars and restaurants and secluded beaches. The stylish ambiance of St Barth has just the right number of mega-resorts, casinos and cruise ships to give any tourist a time of their lives without cluttering the view. The island also has an all year round ideal climate with temperatures ranging between 76 to 86 degrees which is perfect for swimming in the Caribbean waters.

Where to stay:
There are an estimate of 300 private villas on the mountainous island of st. Barths that are available for weekly renting. The villas vary in pricing and size giving tourists the choice to pick either six bedroom villas popular for their breathtaking view of the ocean to one bedroom
villas located on the beach. Villas make up about 70% of the island’s rentals hence considered to be the go to mode of accommodation among tourists. There are a number of villa rental agencies that can help any tourist with basic accommodation information such as which are the best villas to choose from and assistance with booking arrangements.. Apart from villas, the island also has a total of 22 hotels ranging from 5 star hotels with spas and gourmet restaurants to more affordable accommodation options.

The island is well-known for its restaurant scene that’s a perfect mix of luxury and casual. There are plenty of chic restaurants and waterfront
Bistros for you to book reservations at such as the Le Gaiac, The Rock and Victoria’s, Baz Bar and Boucanniers. For those who prefer casual dinining, La Page and Do Brazil will allow you to enjoy casual dining as you feel the texture of sand beneath your feet. Known as the
culinary capital of the Caribbean, you are bound to find any dining experience to go with your mood. With over 80 restaurants to choose from, St Barths definitely has a lot to offer in terms of dining.
MV Voyager offers a round trips to Gustavia at a fee of 50 to 75 Euros. Daily departures from the waterfront in Marigot to Gustavia are
scheduled from 9.00 am and at 6.45pm except on Sundays and Wednesdays. On Wednesday and Sunday, the ferry moves from Oyster pond to Gustavia in a 45 minutes trip.

A few number of planes depart from the island’s Princess Juliana International Airport in a day. Winair airline offers a 15 minutes long
flight from St Maarten to St Barths a few times a day from the Island's small International Airport. It’s the only airline that offers a direct flight to the


With all that St. Barths has to offer, it's not a wonder why hundreds of tourists flock to this Island each year.


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