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Croatia Yacht Charters, Yachts Croatia, Luxury Boat Rentals Croatia

Croatia Yacht Charters, Yachts Croatia, Luxury Boat Rentals Croatia

Croatia Yacht Charters, Yachts Croatia, Luxury Boat Rentals Croatia

Day Yacht Charters Croatia offers you an unforgettable experience when you use our services.
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Private boat rentals and yachts for charter in Croatia


Quality Catering services with advanced facilities on our yachts •


Included •

Every luxury yacht is expected to be equipped with luxurious catering optiona; that is why our yachts are known to be well equipped with the best Galleys, ice, soda, bottled water and cooler. We also provide you with enough fuel to take you however far you want to cruise to and a reputable crew with expertise to help you with whatever you need to have a wonderful experience at sea.


All you need to bring•

At Day Yacht charter, we take care of your every need, leaving you with little things to bring while boarding our yacht. There are few things you might want to carry along, such as; your kind of music, sunglasses, hats, sun block, alcohol, energy drinks, something to keep you warm in case there is a dip in temperature. You can also bring additional food; anything that will make you more comfortable and relaxed while you are on board in sea is the idea which our yacht charters promote.


Where are we located? •

There is two marinas in Croatia where you can board a yacht.

The Marina Croatia
The marina is a town located on the Adriatic Highway in the heart of Split-Dalmatia, Croatia. The Marina Croatia is a tourist village, and our yachts charters are there to make sure that you have a smooth and perfect experience. Day yachts charter is based in the ACI Marina, which is the harbour of the split-Dalmatia. We have luxury yachts for hire to enable you cruise the wonderful Croatian shores. With our luxurious yachts you can create your fantasy into reality and navigate it as you please, we have professional crew members to help you achieve that and Also we can plan your vacation for you to give you an express service that will create a magnificent lifetime memory for you.


Luxury Yacht Charter Croatia? •


Of every yacht Charters in Croatia, Day Yacht charters has successfully ranked to the top from a humble beginning and have remained on the budget of every businesses, corporations, families, friends and event planners around the world. We got this reputation from the quality services we render and the fidelity we offer. We own the best and most extensive fleets of yachts for charter in the whole coast of Croatia With a wide variety of luxurious yachts, fishing yachts, powerboats and other comfortable yachts for entertainment. At Day yacht charters, we have everything that you need ranging from entertainments, sports, adventure and relaxation. Our services are enormous and will not fail to satisfy your every need. Contact us for more information about our services and we will give you the best offer.
Also, we manage several events like romantic cruises, family gatherings, bachelor parties, bachelorette, weddings, anniversaries, whale watching, fishing trips, corporate meetings, official dinners, parties or birthday parties, and other exciting events for our clients. Flaunt your style today at sea with our classic yachts and experience glamorous excitements.



Events we cover.

  1. Bachelor Parties
  2. Birthday Parties
  3. Bachelorette Parties
  4. Anniversaries
  5. Corporate Dinners
  6. Family Charters
  7. Romantic Cruises
  8. Weddings
  9. Fishing
  10. Whale Watching

Our Private VIP Yacht for Charter in Croatia

 Are you picturing your next vacation or holiday with your friends on a private VIP luxurious yacht surrounded by plush views with fabulous parties and events? The place to get it all done is at Day yacht charters where all your imaginations can be created with the very best VIP luxury yacht for rent, suitable also for families.

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 There is no limit to which you can customize your private yacht to satisfy your need and that is what we stand for, offering you the best quality service and experiences. We create as you imagine just fill us in with every specification you desire and watch it come true in all our capacity.
Hire our private yacht and entertain your guests with special events and lots of glamorous views, by creating a memorable and blissful experience in their minds which will last for a very long time. Our services provide you with various alternatives to pick from as Croatia’s best yachts will be lined up for you and you can select which best suit you. Do you need to hire a yacht for a private party or a romantic getaway to woo your loved one, our private VIP yacht collection is the right step in the right direction. We provide private VIP yachts for hire for any family gatherings, wild nights at sea and official events.
Apart from hosting marvellous events on the yacht, our private VIP yachts serve other purposes like fishing trips, snorkelling, scuba diving and others. Our services enable you extend your stay on the yacht for as long as you want so you don’t have to worry about timing. After all, with all the amazing views the sea provides, who wouldn’t spend more and more time on our luxurious yachts?  We are always at your service and will take care of your requests.

Croatia is blessed with a beautiful coastline, networks of archipelagos and fantastic weather condition with magnificent scenery for diverse activities throughout the year, making it perfect for activities like; swimming, scuba diving, water sports and snorkelling. Aside these, you can try yachting which is a great way for you to relax and unwind. Here at Day Yacht Charter in Croatia, customer satisfaction is our priority, we provide numerous services to diverse customers and fulfil their aspirations and expectations by putting smiles on their faces and that of their guests.

Snorkelling activity in Croatia

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Croatia Snorkeling?  If you are thinking of the possible activities you can explore while at the Croatian water, then the snorkelling activity is a magnificent experience that will bring you closer to marine life to feel the awesome perfectness of nature. The idea island, with soft sand beaches for this activity is the idyllic La Roqueta Island which is perfect for colourful coral reefs, enjoy the atmosphere, feel the sun kiss your skin and have a taste of the local cuisine available at restaurants on the island. This is a perfect way to spend that holiday with your family.


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Other yachts Charter locations to explore in Croatia
There are numerous towns with harbours you can explore with our rental yacht charters in Croatia, ranging from Split, Sibenik, Zadar, Sukosan, Dubrovnik, Pula and even Biograd. We provide you with quality boats and yachts to cruise along the coastline of Dalmatia and its magnificent islands. The coast of Croatia has a magnificent view that will leave you wanting more, with its town harbours closer to one another, covering 150 miles of nautical distance from each other. For instance, at Split, there are three different marinas for you to choose from. There is the Marina Lay, the Marina Kastela and the ACI Marina Split. Also, there are other marinas too like The Marina Kornati which has up to 750 berths and the Marina Sukosan, with 1400 moorings and impeccable services.
Croatia has an enormous variety of islands you can explore with your rental yacht. The Hyar has a vast fortress which provides a suitable atmosphere for hosting great parties and its town is a must check out while in Croatia. There is also the Mljet town which has a magnificent national park with amazing lakes; the Korcula town is another old town you can explore, with a tour at the Skradin town, you are sure to enjoy the glamorous view of the waterfalls in their national park. In the same vein, there is the north side of the island which you can explore for example Krk and Brac, each having a fabulous experience for our guests. The Kornati National has a wonderful view with up to 130 islands, it is a must see for any tourist or guest touring along the coast line of Croatia, with its water density and collective islands, you can cruise certain bays and enjoy wonderful meals at its various restaurants.





The tourism potential of Croatia has over the years been underestimated, not until recently Croatia islands have attracted lots of tourist from different part of the world. The atmosphere, smooth sands and light waters have made it a perfect spot for vacations and holiday. Not only do the beaches provide relaxation, they are also idea for sailing, scuba diving, water sports, adventures, snorkelling, and there are lots of private boats on rental with yachts for charters to give you an exciting experience.



Yacht Chartersin Croatia

Split Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter Split

More locations for visit in Croatia


Croatia Private Yacht Rentals:



charters Croatia, Hire a boat in Croatia, wedding yachts in Croatia, snorkeling, Boat, Boats

The Zlatni Rat Island in Croatia
The Zlatni Rat Island often referred to as the Golden Horn or Golden Capes is located just a mile from the Bol harbour. This beach has appeared on several publications, often listed as one of Europe top beaches. The Way its pine grooves covers the rest of the area and the magnificent white pebble beach with its clear and warm waters; have in no doubt made this beach a glamorous view. Aside that you can engage in activities such as banana boating to get that optimum fun and excitement for your holiday

The Cape Kamenjak Island in Croatia
The cape Kamenjak peninsula is located at the far south of istia in Croatia's city of pula. Due to its untapped nature and rugged beauty, it was declared a protected area in 1996. And since then have been a natural reserve among beach goers and tourists. While at Croatia, don't miss exploring the amazing crystal clear waters, its stunning bays and its natural beauty, with your family and love ones. Sport fishing at this beach is tremendous too and you can surf around with your friends.

The Stara Baska Island in Croatia
The Stara Baska is located on the western coast of the island of Krk. For a peaceful, quiet and blissful holiday and vacation, this island is your best shot as it provides you with right atmospheric temperature to calm you for within. Aside that it has an amazing old town, with great restaurants too. It is the perfect place for summer visit and wind surfing and you can get there from our rental boats or charter yachts.

The Sveti Ivan Island in Croatia
The Sveti Ivan which was built formally as a shelter on a cliff provides a pleasant, comfortable and quite environment for anyone who wishes to have fabulous, peaceful and conducive atmosphere for relaxation. It is located on the island of Cres, and you can arrive there by any of our various fleets of boats.

The Bilin Zal beach in Croatia
Bilin Zal is an island located at the eastern shores of Korcula. This fantastic beach has well-constructed and beautiful structures. With its unique small and soft golden or grey sand, it has attracted tourists to its shoes from all over the world. There are also local restaurants and eateries that you can explore.

The Proizd Island in Croatia
Do you love nature? If yes then you will fall for this island! No wonder it was voted by Croatian tourist group as Croatia's most beautiful beach as at 2007. It is located west of the Coast of Korcula Island. Beauty is the only way to describe this island as it has crystal clear waters, calm atmosphere and it is the best place to be with your family, friends or love one to have exciting peaceful moments.

The Gustinja Bay in Croatia
The Gustinja Bay which is located 7km off the Rovinj fishing port is a known location for romantic couples to have perfect moments. It is surely the right place to woo that partner of yours as it provides the perfect environments for getaways. With its beautiful wind, amazing waters warm atmosphere, it has attracted more and more tourists. Try going on a dip in its clear waters and you wouldn't want another beach aside the Gustinja bay.

The Sunj beach in Croatia
The Sunj beach is located on the island of Lopud in Dalmatian coast of Croatia which is a day out from Dubrovnik. It's a very easy place to locate ones you the wooden pathway that leads directly to this magnificent beach. You can also check out the northern part to experience the nudist section and you can be assured of long last fun memories. Also the Lopud Island which this wonderful beach is located is a car-free island which means your cruising altitude will be to the fullest.

The Saplunara beach in Croatia
The Saplunara which is on the island of Mlijet in Croatia is a rare gem amongst many in the Adriatic Sea. Just when you think you have toured every beach with pebbles, clear water and white sand in Croatia the Saplunara emerges to awe your imaginations. Its untouched beauty, thick pine forest, glamorous view and quite sea make it the idea beach for any family vacation and tourist centre.

The Srebrna bay in Croatia
The Srebrna bay which is on the island of Vis in Croatia is beaut! This is no doubt the idea place for a sunbath, with its shallow waters and flat pebbles, it is a place where you can bring your children too and have tremendous quality time. It has thick vegetation that provides you with natural shelters and shades while you glance at the gleam of its pebbles. It has this compelling view that will pull you closer to nature as you embrace her beauty.

While planning your next vacation or tours with your partner, family and friends, you should know that Croatia holds most of the intriguing and beautiful places you can ever imagine. Ranging from magnificent beach views to your typical tourist spots activity, Croatia have every package for everybody no matter your taste or type there is always something for your satisfaction. Enjoy the untapped aspects of nature and experience different local cultures while on a great holiday. With a luxurious yacht that will sail you on the Croatia coastline, you can see the sheer beauty of nature unfold and behold its glory.

Day yacht charters is here to help you experience that sensation you have in mind, we offer numerous yachts each suitable for your every need be it private VIP yacht, luxurious mega yacht or boats for adventures and relaxation. Our services cover all your desire and we guarantee you a blissful experience as our client. Hurry up and book with us so we can give you an extraordinary experience in Croatia. Here in day yacht charters, we are always at your service as you demand for more and more after a blissful holiday.


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