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A Cuba luxury yacht charter offers something for everyone, from the most adventurous of travellers pursuing action-packed hours of exploring the many dive sites to those looking to unfurl on sun-kissed beaches for days on end. Its diverse culture, unforgettable scenery, and sprinkling of world-class restaurants makes it a comprehensive destination for experiencing the freedom of a superyacht vacation.

Cuba Luxury Yacht Charter Guide
The Caribbean island country of Cuba possesses a number of secret charms which lie beneath the surface of its cigars and classic cars. Indeed, as a charter destination it is one which proudly wears the souvenirs of its uniquely complex history. From the architecture passed down from the Spanish colonists to the unrivalled collection of Art Deco pieces in its various galleries, visitors to Cuba will find themselves immersed in a singularly fascinating culture. Located a relatively short distance from the Bahamas, visitors can expect an enjoyably balmy climate throughout the year, with particularly dry winters and hot summers. All set to the the sheer backdrop of both countryside and unspoiled beaches, relaxing when travelling to this destination could not be easier, and nor could refreshing oneself - the cuisine and drinking scene is up there with the very best in the world.


Cuba Yacht Charters


Yacht Charters in Cuba
Obviously, when embarking on a luxury charter vacation in Cuba it's essential to visit the colorful capital of Havana. Home to the island nation's most notorious bars and restaurants, the city is alive with the sound of music and the sight of countless classic cars. An ongoing festival of sorts, the vibrant nightlife in the city presents the perfect opportunity to sample some of the signature cocktails and rums on offer. It's not all city-living, however, and the waters surrounding Cuba are sure to ensure that charter guests will get the very most out of their superyacht. Indeed, with miles of coral reef fringing the coasts, as well as countless leading dive spots, there's every reason to enjoy time cruising between days spent getting amongst the Cuban atmosphere. So, whether it's getting familiar with the marine life or getting to grips with the latest towable water toys, guests are sure to find everything they require in and around Cuba.

Charter Itineraries in Cuba
With such close proximity to South America as well as the Caribbean, Cuba can be visited as part of an itinerary in either of these regions and is an established stop-off for those chartering around the Bahamas. However, due to being sparsely populated and replete with breathtaking coastlines, the waters surrounding Cuba are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative charter ground for those after a fresh and unique experience.

The Canarreos Archipelago, for instance, treats visitors to over 350 secluded islets for unwinding in a fashion which simply cannot be enjoyed in many other destinations. For a few days of island hopping, the Jardines de Rey, a registered UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is entirely spectacular. Indeed its string of cays and islands- many of which are uninhabited- include a vast array of Caribbean-style beaches and fascinating towns and seafront villages that are renowned for their welcoming locals.

Other areas which have attracted praise from critics include the small resort island of Cayo Largo del Sur and the strategically situated Marina Trinidad which combines outstanding facilities in an environment wholly in keeping with those who enjoy the yachting lifestyle.

Chartering a Private Yacht in Cuba
For more information about renting a private luxury charter yacht in Cuba please contact your preferred Yacht Charter Broker, they can help you plan your dream itinerary, combining your needs with recommendations about the best time to visit.


Luxury Yachts

We work directly with the leading yacht brokers and owners in the US to assist you find the perfect vessel. We could also work directly with yacht owners to help choose the right Cuba program. Whether you prefer the luxury style motor or perhaps sail vessel we could assist you with all of your requirements.

About Cuba

Rich in history and now open to Americans; it has been over 50 years since citizens of the United States have been able to take advantage of the opportunity to see Cuba up close.  The music, the culture, and beaches, there is just too much to list.  For many, this is the sailor’s choice.

Cuba Custom itineraries

Custom itineraries - including ports-of-call and shoreside excursions, includes 'people-to-people' encounters in the following areas:

​art and design (meet the artists)
Cuban and Spanish Colonial architecture & history (walking and driving tours with historians and experts)
music (visit jazz clubs, recording studios and meet musicians)
dance (salsa, rhumba, and classical ballet)
agriculture and tobacco (visit a cigar factory and tobacco farms)
oceanography and eco-systems (meet scientists and dive pristine reefs as part of an academic or research project)
medicine (visit hospitals and explore Cuba's world-famous doctors)
​education (see how this education system runs and talk to students at the Universities)
history, politics and the legal system (attend a lecture from a 'Party' member, and ask any questions you like)
contemporary visual arts and sculpture (visit the artists' studios and meet the artists, and buy Cuban art)
business and emerging entrepreneurs (explore the new class of entrepreneurs and new growth areas)