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Encounter the excitement, fun and pleasure of chartering your own private yacht for an evening or night cruise – it could be a day, seven days, or longer journey within and beyond the IxtapaZihuatanejo boarders. Appreciate the VIP treatment you merit and give your visitors a wonderful they will never forget with our fleet of luxury yachts which are readily available for charter.
IxtapaZihuatanejo Day Yacht Charters gives you a memorable treat whenever you utilize our services.
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Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Yacht Charters, Private Yacht Charters


Yacht Catering •

Should in case this isn’t enough to convince you to place an order to charter a yacht with us today, our complete collection of water toys and gadgets as well as different activities that you can enjoy aboard will surely persuade you – from inflatable slides and snorkel gear to jetskis, we will assist you in creating your personal definition of luxury life and make it come to pass.


Included •

Yachts are prepared and stocked with bottled water, cooler boxes and ice, sodas, snorkel gear, Fuel, and the complete cabin crew as well as an expert cook and yacht captain.



Sunglasses, hats, sweaters are available in the event that the evening becomes cold, lots of Sun lotions, Smartphone or MP3 player for musical entertainment. If you have a light skin it’s advisable to get SPF 25 or something higher. Additionally we don’t offer beverages that contain alcohol, in order words in it alright if you come along with your own food and beverage.


Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Yacht Charters •


 We provide countless options for you to choose from such as: luxury speedboats to fantastic mega yachts, which are all available for term charters and day charters as well within and beyond Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. Discover the crystal blue waters of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo from your private charter yacht together with the boat captain and crew (as well as a private culinary expert who'll make a custom menu to meet your taste), or carry on a great time on Ixtapa's Intracoastal waters for a day, evening, or much longer on a yacht suitable for stars, millionaires, tycoons and celebrities. In any case, you'll be in the able care of our experienced captains and entire yacht crew. Trust me the fun is unlimited!
Should in case this isn’t enough to persuade you to schedule an appointment or charter a yacht with us, our complete collection of water toys including different activities available aboard will surely influence you. Inflatable slides, jetkis, snorkel rigging, scuba jumping, as well as on-board massage and many others are some side attraction which you’ll get to enjoy. We will help you in creating your personal definition of luxury life and make it come to pass.

We make and plan schedules for luxury boats rentals and private yacht charters in the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo and numerous other fascinating destinations which includes Cancun, La Paz, Los Cabos, and the Caribbean. Allow our yachting knowledge, marine experience, and hospitality create an unforgettable experience for your next vacation, event or party – the only bound or restriction to these possibilities is your imagination.
Celebrate a milestone event, holiday, birthday, or other special events – or rather choose to celebrate the whole weekend - with a reasonably priced VIP yacht charter in Miami. Our Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Luxury Yacht Rentals can be everything good you can think of – and even more - so why don’t you get in touch with us now and schedule an appointment for your next journey or cruise with one of the best yacht charter company in the world currently.
Making our respected clients glad and satisfied is the thing that motivates us in offering the best service. That is an additional reason fulfilling our clients’ needs is important to us. It doesn't make a difference if you’re going on a cruise on a mega yacht or looking for a little personal party boat to enjoy the lovely ocean, we have you secured by making everything perfect and exceeds your imaginations.
You can get in touch with us to see more photos in order to achieve extra knowledge or to learn more about specifications, interiors, and pricing. Kindly get in touch with us for a complete list of yachts we have for hire in IxtapaZihuatanejo region.
Try as much as possible to send a request to know more about our prices and also for yachts charter in IxtapaZihuatanejo yachts reservations. Call us today +1 (305) 515-4735 in order to talk to a professional charter agent directly!



Occasions we cover:

  1. Birthday Parties
  2. Anniversaries
  3. Bachelor Parties
  4. Weddings
  5. Bachelorette Parties
  6. Romantic Cruises
  7. Corporate Dinners
  8. Fishing
  9. Family Charters
  10. Whale Watching

Do you have a luxuriously splendid environment as your concept of a perfect celebration? Are you considering hosting a party or a little get together for your friends aboard? Would you like to spend quality time docked at the best yachting marinas? Acquire knowledge in several water activities? Or just anchor in a private inlet and curl up with a nice book?

Private VIP Yacht Charters, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

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All you have to let us know is the thing that you need; the more you're specific the better for us to serve you well, let your requirement be detailed and allow us to do the rest. We will consistently give you the best service, as nothing else makes us happy.
Our attractive and luxury yachts are simply the right things you require to make your occasions noteworthy and special. You can procure a private yacht and after that customize it in any way you desire for a trip or an event. We have the perfect Yachts available for your romantic dinners, family get-together, official meetings, or simply wild night-outs.


Ixtapa private Snorkel Trips in Zihuatanejo

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Appreciate a Snorkel trip in Manzanillo Bay and Zihuatanejo Bay – these are two best places to perform this activity.
We will leave from Zihuatneo Main Pierto take you to Manzanillo Beach only 20 min. journey off Zihuatenejo Bay.
We will add the snorkel gear including life jackets for you aboard, we will snorkel for about 45 – 60 min. before going back to Las Gatas Beach where you’ll snorkel too and also have lunch. As soon as you’re done snorkeling and eating you will then take part in some water game, for example: wave runner, banana ride, kayack , etc all alone or simply relax and swim.
La Ropa Beach is the most attractive and charming beach in Zihuatanejo Bay. Situated between Playa Las Gatas and Playa Madera, the La Ropa beach is roughly one kilometer long and is easily reached from downtown. An extensive selection of hotels, fresh seafood eateries, and water games are available by the side of the beach. Colonia la Ropa comprises of mainly business touristic hotel and private property, with a developing number of apartment suite and townhouse ventures planned and under development. The low-lying territories behind La Ropa beach has flat and easy entry into the beach, and the higher grounds as well as the many hills of La Ropa territory offer impressive town, bay, and sunset views.

Troncones and Manzanillo Bay
Troncones beach happens to be 3.5 mile in length situated in about 20 min. drive north of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. The recent completed highway makes it even easier to get to Troncones. Troncones is a little beach neighborhood and has a collection of beds and breakfasts, small hotels and several eateries. It reaches northward to Manzanillo Bay where you can get nice surf spots. The little fishing community known as Majahua is located at the northern side of Troncones and Manzanillo Bay.


Espiritu Santo

Las Gatas is found directly over the cove from the downtown territory. It is guided by an antiquated man-made reef and easy to get to in only by yachts and boats or by means of a fairly harsh and rough walkway from Playa La Ropa. It offers the best of eateries and is an incredible place for snorkeling. Behind and beyond Las Gatas, easy to get in through the beautiful streets of Playa la Ropa, are places into which road and rail network is introduced by Fibazi, together with Cerro del Vigia and different ventures giving lots and apartment suites with cove and sea views.
Playa Las Gatas is one destination we will never miss whenever you visit Zihuatanejo. It's a 15 min. stroll from the resorts on Playa La Ropa, or a 5 min. boat ride. The beach is supported by a collection of eateries that have table umbrellas, beach lounge seats and so on. You utilize their seats and they’ll ensure that you are fed and lubricated all through the day. Our best area is Otilia's which is at the extreme end of the beach once you hike in. There happen to be a track that keeps running from the south end of Playa la Ropa. I suggest that you put on sneakers and take your sandals or water shoes along with you as the track can be somewhat rough. A complete day of eating and drinking for 4 adult travelers will cost you about 2,000 pesos ($110) which includes cocktails, beers and a healthy lunch. The cost of a ride back on a boat is about 200 pesos ($11) for a group of four travelers. The staff is extremely attentive and friendly. I suggest taking money.
Understand that the beach is sandy however entering the bay requires water shoes as the base is a combination of gravel, rock and coral garbage. The snorkel is good depending on the water conditions, lots of tropical within the breakwater. Bigger fishes can be seen on the outside of the breakwater however getting a clear view can be either positive or negative. There happen to be a statue underneath the water out close to the vessel moorings on the outskirt of the breakwater.



Things To Do In Ixtapa Zihuatanejo


IxtapaZihuatanejo happens to be a resort metropolis located on the Pacific Ocean within the Mexican state of Jalisco. There are several things you can do in IxtapaZihuatanejo which includes discovering the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, relaxing on the tropical beaches, and participating in golf sport at one of the best golf courses in IxtapaZihuatanejo. The excursions nature lovers appreciates and enjoys in IxtapaZihuatanejo are yachting, scuba diving, whale watching, riding on horseback on the beach, sailing, surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, and kite surfing.
WHALE WATCHING IxtapaZihuatanejo delivers a wonderful setting for fishing games. Dorado, Black and blue marlin, Wahoo and tuna are perhaps the most popular species you can see.


Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Yacht Charters

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Yacht Charters, Private Yacht Charters


Private Villa Rentals in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo:

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Private homes and estates are particularly suited for big groups like company trips and family social occasions. The homes and estates are available in diverse sizes and can contain a gaggle of 4 to a gathering of quite 20. There are several deluxe, premier, luxury and value mansions and estates to select from but it depends on your budget and requirements. It's best to pick an area close to the beach, eateries and shopping spots for comfort. Private homes and estates offer awesome conveniences like private showers with Jacuzzi, air-conditioning, kitchen, washing machine, gaming facilities, and web access. In-home food nourishment, spa and attendant services are available 24/7. Other value added services such as rentals, phone rentals and beach instrument rentals are also offered by some estates.


We provide a collection of attractive yachts and boats in Ixtapa for all kinds of event. Select from our collection of speedboats, fishing yachts, sport yachts, luxury yachts, party boats, or even mega yachts for your different luxury holiday dreams! Why linger? Join us now for private tours, amazing views, fun adventures, and memorable events on a yacht you’ll love!